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Implement key/button prompts into Godot easily. This system currently supports key prompts for:

  • Keyboard and mouse
  • PS4 controller
  • Xbox One controller

Xbox One controller prompts will be used for controllers that are unsupported.

By the way. I didn't make these key/button prompt textures. I got them from here. If you want to help add more key/button prompts to this project, you can also get key/button prompts from there.


I will now teach you how to implement the key prompt system

For the GDScript version

  1. Download KeyPromptsSystem.zip
  2. Unzip the file, open it, and drag and drop the Key Prompts System GDScript folder into your game. Make sure it isn't inside any other folders.
  3. Inside the Key Prompts System GDScript folder, you will see a file named KeyPrompt.tscn. Drag it into your level/scene.
  4. Resize it if you want
  5. Click on it and set the action variable.

The action variable is supposed to be set to the name of the action you want the prompt to show. For example, the jump action which uses the space bar or the x/a button on a controller

     6. After setting the action variable, go to the exporting section to know about what to do when exporting your game.

For the C# verison

  1. Follow the steps of the GDScript version but instead of using Key Prompts System GDScript folder, use the Key Prompts System CSharp folder.

Now you have to install the Newtonsoft Json.Net Nuget Package. If you're using Visual Studio Community, just use the Nuget Package Manager. If you're using Visual Studio Code, just use this Nuget Package extension or look for another one.

When exporting

Add *.json to the resources tab

Questions you would probably ask

Q. How do I customize the look of the prompts?

Well.. The best and easiest way I could think of is if you just draw or add images on top of the key prompt sprite sheet that you want to customize. If you want to make an entirely different sprite sheet, you gotta edit the json files located in the ButtonPromptTextures folder.

Q. Will you add more controller prompts?

Im not sure. I only have a PS4 controller...

Q. What will my dinner be...

Idk, what do you like?


The key/button prompt system is free for commercial and personal projects. You can also remix and edit the code for your personal uses.


If you would like to donate, you can donate to my Kofi or just donate before downloading.


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